Readers Corner

The Magical Kingdom of Jordan Part 3

Feb 17, 2022

Photo Credit: Zeina Kassem 


Petra is considered the crown jewel of Jordan, the most visited site in the country. And for good reason. Petra is what drew me to Jordan initially as it has for so many others. I don’t remember how many years ago I came across a photo or an article on Petra and was absolutely fascinated. I mean, an entire city carved into rocks???? Really? And not just an entire city of caves and rough living spaces but a beautiful, expertly carved city. Columns and angels and flowers and everything carved into canyon walls long before any modern day tools were invented. Wow! Maybe it was the feature in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, maybe not, but I am happy I stumbled across this place and that it took a spot on my list of places I wanted to visit.

Current day social media has distilled Petra down to the Treasury, pictured above. If you were to search #petra on Instagram most of what you would see is a similar photo to the one above from many different angles. But Petra is so, so much more. Petra is an experience. A full on, mind blowing experience. One that should be on every bucket list out there. This trip was full of emotional moments for our entire group. Moments that took our breath away and brought us to tears. Jordan has a way of doing that. Petra was my moment.