Welcome to the world of AXIS


We are a group of travel professionals, strategists, ex hoteliers, developers and awkward dancers.

With combined experience of 50+ years amongst us, we stepped in 2020 to establish one of the newest destination management and travel companies in the Middle East. To emerge like a fresh sprout after the storm.

A World of BEAUTY

Our vision is a destination management organization with strong cultural impact, promoting the beauty of the destinations and its people through scheduled tours and events while delivering unparalleled level of quality and attention to details.

Where its all about YOU


Program Management

From arrival to departure including accommodation and meeting venue bookings, activities and special functions selection and arrangements.

Logistic Management

Including transportation, ticketing, catering, group / event supplies and schedule management.

Supplier Management

Creative but persistent approach to the most appropriate suppliers and vendors with the best value.

Experience EASE

We offer a one stop shop for your entire function or tour booking, with only one point of contact, there will be no room for unwanted surprises or an unreliable supplier, as our selection is backed up with an extensive experience and an eye for details. With our reputation and your comfort always in mind.

Think of us as more of a friend rather than a service provider. This means we have shared perspective on how to come up with the ideal arrangements for your plans.


We utilize latest technologies to present quicker and more effective service, because ideas are free, execution is what makes all the difference!

We present an easy to use website with excellent products and transparent sale policy, and a precise operation system to follow up with every client prior arrival, during their stay, and after departure. Supported by an experienced multilingual team.


The late Maya Angelou said:  “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
In our business, the more you know your destination, the more you can get creative. And we know our destinations!
Unique ideas await for you whether it was a short family break or an international function, our aim is to impress.


AXIS Quality Standard
We travel a lot as a part of the job, this helps us understand client requirements more.
We understand that luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It can be in abundance, great ease and comfort.
Axis Quality Standard is based on 5 key points

Save Time

We value your time like ours.

Choose Right

Hotel and supplier selection are based on experience and personal inspections.

Follow Up

Dedicated quality control officer for every arrival for a smooth check in, check out, restaurant arrangement and whatever may arise available on call 24/7.

Be There

Involved management in every arrival and readiness to solve any problem that may arise effectively.

Be Generous

We provide free WIFI, Mineral water, and amenities in our vehicles without limits. And COOKIES! FREE COOKIES TO EVERYONE!

Establishing Members

Sameer Sami

Managing Director
Marketing and travel enthusiast, management professional, beauty pageant winner (This is a disputed claim) and an awkward dancer (This one is proven). Sameer has around 20 years of experience between hotels and tour operators in Jordan and Dubai, while dealing with different types of clientele covering corporate, leisure, NGO, and Government sector.

Sameer speaks Arabic and English fluently, made up French too. On his free time, Sameer enjoys spending time with his family, reading, classical music and cooking.

Sanaa Kassem

Director of Marketing Management
Sanaa is the one taking care of marketing strategy execution, with more than 14 years of experience working at high end travel agencies in Dubai, Lebanon and Jordan.

Sanaa has travelled to more than 30 destinations around the world and speaks Arabic, English and French fluently, When she isn’t working, Sanaa likes to spend time with her beautiful girl and her dangerously handsome husband (see Sameer’s about), she enjoys classical music, reading, and... You guessed it, Travel!

Haneen Younes

Director of Product Development
Haneen Younes
Haneen is the one taking care of designing your tours, minimizing your time on the road, adding more interesting places where possible. She is also the one managing our guaranteed departure tours. Her experience covers 8 years working in a number of the largest tour operators in Jordan. Haneen speaks Arabic, English and Spanish fluently.

When he isn’t working, Haneen enjoys spending time with her family, music, shopping, and having Shisha with Sanaa.

ENVIRONMENTAL Responsibility

We take initiative limiting our carbon footprint and encourage our clients to do so with the following:
We promote SIC tours to minimize omissions compared to tours in private cars.
For our private products, all our cars use Electric / Petrol hybrid power plant.
We are paperless.
Bottled water served on our buses are from recycled materials.
Recycling solution in our office.
We have a special focus on eco-tourism in Jordan to spread environmental awareness.


We aim for a strong and positive cultural impact for both local communities and travelers. To create a more meaningful experience for travelers, and achieve economic growth for the local communities with the following:
  • Increasing cross culture interaction by sharing a meal with a local family or taking a local cooking class in our products.
  • We offer visiting the local handicraft shops and local art galleries in our tours optionally or ready planned in the program.
  • We prefer choosing locally owned restaurants that usually present the true nature of local cuisine.
  • Adding locally owned properties in our product range that are unique to the country and reflect local atmosphere and culture.
  • We also encourage and support international volunteers and volun-tourism with special nonprofit programs.

Join US

We operate regionally through a network of proven partners and representatives who share us the same passion for excellence.

Working with AXIS means:
  • Great client feedback
  • Better deals
  • Flexible supplier terms
  • More options
  • True support when needed
  • Did we mention the free cookies?
AXIS Destination Management Organization is a network of preferred partners operating in various destinations on our behalf. Maintaining the quality and standards of AXIS Destination Management to present a unified level of service regardless of your destination.


AXIS Partners